What Is Residual Take Over?

Xplocial - Residual TakeoverWhat is Residual Take Over?

Residual Take Over is a private brand to the Xplocial business.

I teamed up with Darren Little, also known as “The MLM SuperHero” who created this brand and log with the Platinum 200 training system.

In 1989 Darren launched Pamela Anderson’s career with Labatts Brewing Company and The Blue Zone Girl poster. He negotiated the first beer poster to be sold in poster shops throughout North America.

He has retained the position of Vice President of marketing for Advanced Gaming Technologies, and GIC Global Intertainment where his campaign strategies raised millions of dollars and were responsible for as much as $70 million in trading in a single day.

Darren was the founder and CEO of Bingo.com and he positioned the company to become the stickiest site on the Internet with an average user time of 45 minutes. Darren’s campaign strategy raised over $12 million for AbleAuctions.com. He was also the co-founder of Blackjack.com and launched the world’s first multiplayer tournament Blackjack software.

Darren Little, DarrenLittle.com, MLMSuperhero, MLMSuperhero.comDarren believes that success is about the person we become while pursuing it. That success is not a destination, but a journey of self discovery.

This is why I teamed up with him. A proven success in the industry and the right person to mentor me.

Residual Take Over is an amazing branded concept that allows us to use and pigging back off this marketing and create growth in our business. Provide the ultimate training with Platinum 200 training, a $3000 exclusive bonus that each member gets which also comes along with private training in our closed team Hangouts.

You will learn how to market, how to NETWORK with people while never pitching or selling anything.

This is all a part of the Quantum Physics Mind Mastery that Darren Little teaches in the Platinum 200 training.

Platinum 200 Training

Xplocial’s Residual Take Over is in FULL EFFECT!

If you are COACHABLE and you follow our lead, we can help you become qualified in your business your VERY FIRST WEEK.



Darren Little and I are going to be taking people from a complete flat start and helping them become a full-time networker in 30 days. NO JOKE. We will be reviewing his EXACT FORMULA on what he did to go from zero to $12k. Google Hangouts will be DAILY until you can fully understand the strategies he’s used to make millions in REAL BUSINESS. This is way easier than you think once you leverage social media, YouTube, Facebook. Linked IN, press releases and Facebook PPC.


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