Val Smyth, Out From The Shadows And Into the Spotlight, Presents The Legends Network!

the legends networkThe Legends Network!

After a 7 year hiatus, Val Smyth has once again created another masterpiece, The Legends Network. The concept of The Legends Network is going to be an industry first. Val has brought to life, a dream that he has been creating for almost 7 years. The very first online audio magazine that has only proven millionaire legends of the online marketing arena. These names include Blair Bremner, Greg Gomez, Janet Legere, Jerry Gonzalez, Google and YouTube Expert Rex Harris, Tracey Walker, David Dubbs, Jeff Mills, Larry Winget, James Holmes and the list goes on…

If you do not know or have heard of Val Smyth, I will provide a little background on this Internet Genius. Val has been on the Internet for over 25 years. He is the creator of Mentors in Motions that ran from 2001-2006.

Val Smyth built a 280,000 member down-line in 3 businesses in a 7 month time period. That is an amazing number of people. The Legends Network will be no different.

In fact, it will be his best ever. Val is on a mission to create a legacy program, one that can be passed on for generations and I believe he has created it. Val was my very first mentor in 2001 and he mentored and trained me to be the successful person I am today. Jeff Mills was also one of his students that went on to create millions of dollars, just over a million of it with Mentors in Motion.

The Legends Network concept is to provide Audio Magazine Training with the TOP Internet Minds in the val smythIndustry. Val is on a mission to sit these leaders and trainers down, find out what their blueprints are and induct them into what he calls his Octagon.  There will be no rehearsed questions for them to give the answer that they think is right. They will have to think on their feet and give truthful answers. The Octagon Training lessons will provide The Legends Network members valuable insight on how to build any business they put their minds to. These lessons are what separate the marketers from the legends.

Val Smyth has literally rebirth Mentors In Motion, injected it with Steroids and it has become “The Legends Network”. What Val Smyth has done, is taken away one of the main reasons that most people fail in a Home Business, (cold calling), created a web funnel to a live daily presentation system that explains everything about the company, the product and the compensation plan for those that want to be an affiliate. Val has personally committed himself to the members of The Legends Network by conducting opportunity calls that made him his fortune.

This proven concept has worked over and over again for years, I have done the exact same thing in the businesses I’ve been in for years and it has made me some fantastic money. This time, we have the best there is doing the LIVE calls. As expected, this is exploding across the internet, filling up the webinar room daily as more and more members introduce people to TLN through the webinar funnel system.

the legends networkHow many do you think will join you, as they see the free resource that Val has given them? The numbers will literally make your jaw drop!

All this and you have not made a phone call. The only time you will talk on the phone is when you have a person who has attended the opportunity call and are interested. There is no selling on your part.

It takes only one referral to put you into potential $1000′s in commissions. And only 2 referrals to be paid to infinity and all coded and matching bonuses.

The compensation plan is Very Lucrative and becomes viral. There is also a recurring compensation plan and Matching Bonuses.

As an added BONUS, I personally provide:

  • A Daily Action Plan to get you referring people daily into your business. All cut and paste info for classifieds, solo ads and Social Media
  • PLUS…I do PAID Advertising on your TLN referral link until you make a sale!

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