Total TakeOver Is Taking Internet By Storm!

What is Total TakeOver?

After a 7 year hiatus, Val Smyth has teamed up with Dave Lear and Wallace Nuanez to create another masterpiece, Total TakeOver.

total takeover

The concept of Total TakeOver is going to be an industry first. Val has brought to life, a dream that he has been creating for almost 7 years. The very first online audio magazine that has only proven millionaire legends of the online marketing arena. These names include Greg Gomez, Janet Legere, Jerry Gonzalez, Google and Youtube Expert Rex Harris, Tracey Walker, David Dubbs, Jeff Mills, Larry Winget, James Holmes and the list goes on…

If you do not know or have heard of Val Smyth, I will provide a little background on this Internet Genius. Val has been on the Internet for over 25 years. He is the creator of Mentors in Motions that ran from 2001-2006. He has created over $600 Million in sales and put over 1.2 million people in network marketing.

Dave Lear and Wallace Nuanez have been business partners for years and have dominated the leaderboards in any business they join. They bring a whole new system to network marketing. One that they personally used to dominate the leaderboards custom built for our affiliates so they can use it not only for Total TakeOver, but any other business they are involved in as well.

Top Industry 7 and 8 figure earning leaders will be LIVE training the Total TakeOver database to be top producers themselves using Social Media, PPC, Solo Ads and the list goes on.

Val Smyth built a 280,000 member down-line in 3 businesses in a 7 month time period. That is an amazing number of people. Total TakeOver will be no different. In fact, this will be his best ever. Val, Dave and Wallace are on a mission to create a legacy program, one that can be passed on for generations and I believe they have created it. Val has mentored and trained 1000′s to be the successful people they are today. Like Jeff Mills, who was broke and on running on fumes, Val brought him back to life and now Jeff is a Top Speaker and trainer making a 7 figure per year income. Jeff went on to create millions of dollars, just over a million of it with Mentors in Motion. Continue reading